About Simero Ceramics

From thumping beginning nearly 25 years ago in 1990 in ceramic industries at Morbi, Gujarat state, India, our group has carved a niche place in the heart of ceramic world. Our focus in SIMERO is on luxury and exclusivity in tiles surfaces with some of the most innovative designs kind instinctive creativity. SIMERO's unique style of creation showcases tiles with sparkle of diamonds and gleam of gold. Inspired by iconic cocktail of pattern, rhythm, texture and feel, each floor tile stands out unique as the brand SIMERO luxury tiles.

The best of Double Charge, Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT), Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles (PGVT) and Full body Outdoor tiles technology is nurtured and back-to-back supported by world’s most prestigious SACMI, Italy machinery. Often creations are out-of-the-box and feast for your eyes with stupendous per year production capacity of 1 million sq.mtr of vitrified tiles. Call it stylish. Call it luxury. Call it majestic, brand SIMERO will always be feather-in-cap of a house or any commercial place. Keeping pace with contemporary taste and combining pro-found research and development; products culminate uniqueness, artistic touch, infinite possibilities of digitized print-design and unparalleled innovation. SIMERO's high end product leads up to the main entrance whereas character-steeped floor awaits you.



With systemic methodology; is that customers are provided with top quality products and elated to enhance their usage, life style and living capability to utilize in a manner that meets demand of time, technology and societal expectations - for better tomorrow. With latest technology and skilled manpower driven by integrity, teamwork and innovation, we will achieve these goals. To build a company working in the area of tiles, ceramics and related products, targeting progress for all and be a global leader in the Industry.


At Simero Ceramics ‘We RUN’ to innovate, to design, to change ceramic biology to deliver best of the best of the world in our tiles.

We RUN through land to get inspired from its ashes to produce strong surfaces, We RUN through mountains to give new heights to our tiles design, We RUN through valleys to give depth to our textures,We RUN through rivers to give smoothness to our finishes, We RUN through the world to get inspired our products, We RUN through Europe to get inspired from its artistic heritage culture, We RUN through America to get inspire from its innovative thinking, We RUN through Africa to get inspire from its ancient geology,We RUN through India to get inspire from its epic history, We RUN through North Pole to South Pole to leave nothing to get inspired from.

Simero Tiles can be used in Kitchens & Tops, Counter Tops, Bathrooms, Living room, Hall, facades, Wall, Floor, Ceilings, Elevation, Parking, Interiors and Exterior.


SIMERO has R&D as 'fundamental' to manage basics, create opportunities and nurture better decisions. Research includes both basic and applied. In-campus works are directed towards innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes with stringent quality control. For SIMERO, it is important always be strong in research and development tin tiles surfaces to come up with promising and innovative products. SIMERO has modern and well equipped in-house laboratory with quality testing instruments to meet both national and international standards certifications. Our research and development team is working round the clock to make things better for humanity. SIMERO tiles R&D has its firm footing in ownership.



As the years passed by, an increasing number of orders and their greater scale resulted in raising the number of employees and further expansion of our production plant. Currently, the size of our plant has reached 3000 SQM per day, and 80 specialists work there on every detail of the production process.


Simero is having extensive distribution network in India and exporting to Australia, Taiwan, Tanzania, Argentina, Jamaica, Mexico and USA. 300+ dedicated workforce to deliver world class vitrified tiles with utmost precision. We DO produce Group BIa porcelain tiles (fully vitreous body) as per ISO standards.


A range of best suited tiles for all kind of residential and commercial wall & floor applications, whether in Kitchens, Counter Tops, Bathrooms, Living Room, Hall, facades, Wall, Floor, Ceilings, Elevation, Parking, Interiors and Exterior, homes, residential complexes, Airports, Malls, Supermarket, shops, showrooms, offices, Hospitals, Hospitality, Public Utility Places, other government and Infrastructure projects.


Simero Glazed, Double Charge and Full body Outdoor Vitrified tiles are hi-end, stylish, elegant and having boundless design options with High Definition Digital Printing Technology.

Our designs collection comprises of different design and surface effects viz. natural marble, stone, slate, rustic, wooden, textured, structured, geometric, polished, semi-polished, satin, matt, lapato, sugar, metallic and reactive.

Simero offers wide range of product portfolio for architects, interior designers, engineers, project management consultant, builders and construction houses to design and build their dream project using these tiles for wall, floor and exterior applications.


Double Charge vitrified tiles available in two formats / sizes 800x800mm, 800x1200mm.

Ferro Full Body vitrified tiles available in glossy for indoor use and matt finish for outdoor use with 11 mm thickness in two format options 800x800mm and 600x600 mm.

ASC – Architectural Surface & Coverings is Innovation combined with technology has resulted in 6mm and 9mm thickness variety. Factory inculcates finest mix of raw materials, using world’s latest System Lamina – LAMGEA pressing system, and colour inks with GEA : 22000 tonnes hydraulic roll press along with vitreous technology. Never before heard Sizes are offered as 1600 X 2400 MM, 1200 X 2400 MM, 800 X 2400 MM, 1600 X 1600 MM, 800 X 1600 MM, 1200 X 1200 MM.

Simero tiles having superior technical specifications as ASTM and ISO 13006 global standards. The tiles are having Slip Resistance, Frost Resistance, Abrasion Resistance - Glazed, Abrasion Resistance – Through body, Lowest Water Absorption, Chemical Resistance, Solid Break Strength, Stain Resistance, High Scratch Hardness, Fade Proof, Fire Proof, High Solar Reflex index and germs free surface.