Vishal Adroja

Mr. Vishal Adroja

CMD, Founder

Invent the clear & simple way toward Mission with Vision.

Pratik Bhai

Mr. Pratik Kaneria

Director Sales, Co-Founder

Young and influencing. With great skills for creating and developing sales channel with customers by providing the best combiantion of innovative products and servicies.

Nitin Shrivani

Mr. Nitin Shiravi

Director Finance, Co-Founder

Increase the VALUE of the organisation in all aspects by strategic management of finance & other resources.

Amit Tanna

Mr. Amit Tanna

Director Operation, Co-Founder

Skills to maintain Uninterrupted operations with power of negotiation.

Tribhuvan Adroja

Mr. Tribhuvan Adroja

Director Sales

More than fifteen years of experience in setting up a marketing channel that satisfies the customer with innovative product at right time in the market.

Prakash Adroja

Mr. Prakash Adroja

Director Operation

Maintaining high productivity by increasing plant efficiency.

Mitul Daxini

Mr. Mitul Daxini

Director Sales

consisting A dynamic and energetic approach in everything that does with his impeccable enterpreneurial skill and strong will.

Arjun Vachhani

Mr. Arjun Vachhani

Director Global Sales

Creating new opportunities globally with full of enthusiasm, optimism, and innovative ideas.

Kashyap Parejia

Mr. Kashyap Parejia

Director Global Sales

Skills and production are parts of an integrated system. They grow together of all the resources required to grow.

Ranchhod Bhadja

Mr. Ranchhod Bhadja

Director Production

Well arrangement of inventory movement to achieve optimum level of dispatch in a daily manner.

Arvind Vidja

Mr. Arvind Vidja

Director Account

Perfection in each transaction is a brick for the solid accounting wall.

Mohit Joshi

Mr. Mohit Joshi

Director Civil

Employee enthusiams and productivity increase by working in such a beautiful enviorment friendly building.

Dhiren Tanna

Mr. Dhiren Tanna

Director Production

Implement an effective packing system design.

Samir Zalawadia

Mr. Samir Zalawadia

Director Production

Set Cost effective process on raw materials to make quality product.